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Yvonne Redbourn
Kia Pope
Jocelyn Tucker
Bill Billbord Hillick
Roger Marston
Justin Wheeler
Royal Air Force
Royal Air Force
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Good luck to The Red Arrows heading to Greece for the team's pre-season training. Looking forward to seeing the displays over the summer.
Dan Slipper
David Curno
Marion Hall
The Labour Party
The Labour Party
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We created the NHS – and we’ll save the NHS. Here’s Jonathan Ashworth setting out how Labour will scrap the pay cap on NHS staff wages; bring back bursaries; and enshrine safe staffing levels into law so patients are always put before profit. Share this ↓
David Withers
Alan James
Alan James
Greenpeace UK
Greenpeace UK
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SURPRISE! This clever frogfish has mastered being sneaky
Alison Rush
Laura Greenaway
Kevin Vdb
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan
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I want all Londoners to have the same opportunities I had growing up. Skills for Londoners is the first step towards making that happen.

While London is a great place to learn, there is no doubt that not enough Londoners are getting the skills they need to live up to their potential. This also impacts businesses, hampering their growth and forcing them to look further afield for talent.

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Michele Caiazzo
Britain First
Britain First
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Chris Spencer
Nadeem Khushi
John N. Ongos
Britain First
Britain First
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Iain Caldwell
Bryan Williams
Dave Pate
Britain First
Britain First
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Pauline Dignan
Rita Dann
Paul Gwinnup Sr.
Britain First
Britain First
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Patience Barker
Thom Atchley
Mark MacGregor
Britain First
Britain First
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Thomas Austin
Diane Passaro
Britain First
Britain First
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Stephen Dempsey
Dean Eady
Dean Eady
Britain First
Britain First
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Carole Hibbard
Richard Barber
Ivor Gratwick
If someone is sharp, they are ______.

a) unkind and mean
b) intelligent and quick-witted
c) extremely energetic

To find the answer, watch this video or go to our website for more quizzes: [ Link ]
If someone is sharp they are a unkind and mean b intelligent

BBC News Review: Exercise helps the brain

Learn how to use the language the world's media is using to discuss this story: A study says moderate exercise several times a week is...

Hirokazu Condo
طارق محمد سريع
Elena Ortiz
BBC Learning English
BBC Learning English
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There's a verb we use to mean 'start doing exercise'. Is it…

a) take up
b) take on
c) take over

Watch the video to find out the answer. For more quiz questions, click here: [ Link ]
Ajarn Tim
Stefanovic Srdjan
Sanja Ciric
Emily Pearce
Bounty Club
Bounty Club
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Kyle Haskins
Chantelle Park
Amy Cooper
Bounty Club
Bounty Club
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Jo Rush
Lucy Downes
Lou Twinam
PTI UK [Official]
PTI UK [Official]
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نا انصافی پر چپ نہیں بیٹھوں گا۔
اگر ججوں کو تبدیل کر دیا گیا تو کیا ہو گا؟
پانامہ کے فیصلے پر اظہارِ خیال۔
عمران خان کا کاشف عباسی کے ساتھ مکمل انٹرویو۔